Rectangular Wood Peel with cut inside handle 110cm x 40cm

Rectangular Wood Peel with cut inside handle 110cm x 40cm

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This hand crafted peel is made in Italy from multilayered steamed beech and treated without any glue and with not-toxic natural treatment certified for food use.

It comes oiled for pizza use, or untreated for bread use. Please specify option

The handle which takes 8cm - the peel surface is 102cm x 40cm

Thickness is 8mm 

Ideal for pizza and bread. (for pizza, the peel comes oiled - for bread we recommend to retain the wood at the natural state)

Price is inclusive of VAT

Made on order ( 10 days delivery )

MOCA - (food grade laws and standards compliant) 

For alternative sizes please call for a quote: (Listed is the actual rectangular working space)

  • 72cm by 30cm - total length  80cm
  • 82cm by 30cm - total length  90cm
  • 92cm by 30cm - total length 100cm
  • 82cm by 40cm - total length  90cm
  • 92cm by 40cm - total length 100cm
  • 102cm by 40cm - total length 110cm
  • 112cm by 33cm - total length 120cm
  • 112cm by 36cm - total length 120cm
  • 112cm by 40cm - total length 120cm

The handle add 8cm to the peel length