About us

The story that starts with a humble yeast.

Like many people, I love bread. I love the feeling of making bread. The total engagement. Every process requires my full attention. Each time the outcome is different and surprising. There is always something new to learn. 

To perfect my bread making skills, I started my journey of discovering the best flours made from heritage grains by artisan mills and other unique products, mostly organically produced with enthusiasm and care. 

During my years in the hospitality industry, I have met many exciting, passionate, and talented chefs, bakers, food producers, artisans and suppliers who have continuously inspire me in my pursuit of great products and slow food.

In time, we hope that Flour Pantry will be more than a one stop shop for your baking needs. More like your favourite place to go for discovering new products.

We might be small. But our passion is tremendous.


Founder, Achille

For any other enquiries, email us at info@flourpantry.com or send us a message below: