Here on this page you will find frequently asked questions about our products baking tools & equipment and flour.

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Baking tools & equipment

Is the manual loader custom made?

Yes it is. If you would like to purchase one we would need the following:

  1. The oven internal dimensions
  2. The oven door closing style. Ideally some photos showing the entrance of the oven and various steps if any. 
  3. A phone call would also be ideal to discuss work objective and requirements


Is the bread slicer custom built?

Yes it is as we would need to adjust the blades to meet the client requirements.

If you would like to purchase one we would need the following:

  1. Blade slice thickness adjustment option size. This reflects the thickness of the bread slices the client would like to obtain
  2. A phone call would also be ideal to discuss requirements


For any other equipment or mills, please contact us if you have any questions or would like a proposal




Is all your flour organic?

All the flour we sell is certified organic.


What is the shelf life of your flour?

Our flours are freshly milled on order in small batch therefore they are as fresh as can be. Each bag of flour has been date stamped on the day it is milled. They can be used within 6 months, however, to consume the flour at its top quality, we recommend you use within 3 months.


What is so special about your flour?

All our flour come from small independent mills in UK and Italy. They are freshly milled on order in small batch. They are also milled in such a way that a lot of the nutrients and minerals are retained. Since most of our flours is organically grown, it is natural and full of flavours. When you use them to make your bread/ brioche/ croissant/ pizza they will taste better.


What is Zentrofan flour?

Zentrofan cyclone mill is the name of a very original and innovative milling machine from Germany. This special flour mill works in a different way from conventional mill and cannot be scaled up therefore it is used mainly by small-scale mills.

What is unique about this simply constructed but highly robust machine is the grinding technique, whereby the full wheat berry (the kernel) is ground on a fixed natural grinding stone made from Basaltic lava, using a constantly circulating air current. The result you get is a light coloured, great tasting, superfine flour with all the nutrients and valuable vitamins intact. Perfect for wholemeal pasta, wholemeal bread and wholemeal pastries.


What are heritage grains and why they are better?

Heritage grains are a bit like your best kept family recipes.  They have been passed from generation to generation. It is personal to your family. Each family has adapted and made changes to the recipe to make it work for them. Over time the recipes become something treasured and have provenance.

Similarly, heritage grains are grains of ancient origins that have been sown, grown, harvested, and survived. They include traditional varieties of wheat such as spelt, barley, oats, Farro etc which were once regional and adapted to the land. The growers have preserved the best seeds and perfected the cultivation to suit the terroir.  These precious grains have withstood the test of time and become the “best grains” of the crops!

As most ancient grains come from small scale farm, they have not been modified for high yield production, therefore they are as organic and healthy as they come. Using traditional stone grinding or Zentrofan milling as opposed to industrial roller mill, we can retain further the whole of the grain (bran, germ, and endosperm) and preserve all the nutrients. Lower in gluten, more digestible, richer in minerals and vitamins and bags of real flavour, it is no wonder heritage flours have become many bakers’ favourite.