Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour for Pizza - (Molini del Ponte) 1Kg

Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour for Pizza - (Molini del Ponte) 1Kg

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This is a blend of durum & soft wheat. This is an unique blend for the Pizza baking

Molini del Ponte.

Main ingredient: Sicily. Where at La Fertè’s stone mills veritable wheat essences are produced. Everything here is about terroir.

Flour varieties feature a palette of colours which will enable the connoisseur to create unique works of baking excellence.

The product represents new chapter for heritage Sicilian grain varieties.

At a time where yield as a priority threatens biodiversity, they tap into the memories and practices of our grandparents.

Only the best durum and soft wheat varieties grown in Siciliy make it to the mill. Each grain is processed according to principles ensuring that quality is preserved in its purest form. Emanating from the past, eyes are firmly on the future: an optical sorter and electronic humidity and grain polishing facility enable an ancient story to be told anew.

All grains are non-hybridised or genetically modified to obtain flour without enzymes, dyes or preservatives.

Bringing unique flavours and aromas to the flours 

Technical specifications


Contains wheat gluten